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Alternate OC sketch compilation.
Ryuu and Kaede belong to kantoregionred

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Grimm sketches. SMD. I found a bunch and this is me uploading shit cuz WOW WHO KNEW I DRAW.

Dehavens belong to loudst and yesette

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I HAVE BEEN SITTING ON THIS MEME FOR LIKE MONTHS. ALL OF THE SHIPS FOR AFTER10. (Grimm and Nisha look different from the others cuz my tool was broken while i did that picture so I had to over compensate with details.) UM SO. YEAH. KISSES. KEEP TAP ON THE AFTER10 TAG YO.

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Sketch: $5.00 USD
Lines: $8.00 USD
Coloured: $11.00 USD

*Additional character: $5.00 USD
*May cost more depending on character complexity


Sketch: $8.00 USD
Lines: $13.00 USD
Coloured: $18.00 USD

*Additional character: $5.00 USD
*May cost more depending on character complexity


Fantasy: $19.00 USD
Normal: $15.00 USD

*Additional character: $5.00 USD
*May cost more depending on character complexity
[All one layer digitally painted]


Sketch: $9.00 USD
Lines: $14.00 USD
Coloured: $19.00 USD

*Additional character: $5.00 USD
*May cost more depending on character complexity


Sketch [Coloured]: $16.00 USD
Sketch [Black/White]: $15.00 USD
Close up: $25.00 USD
Full Portrait: $28.00 USD

*Additional Character $10.00 USD [Ask about more characters]
*May cost more depending on character complexity


Paper Doll: $20.00 USD
Items/Accessories: $4.00 USD [Per Item]

*May cost more depending on character complexity


Dramatic Lines: $15.00 USD

*Additional Character $8.00 USD
*May cost more depending on character complexity



-OC’s [Original Characters]
-Anime Characters 
-Anthro/Animal characteristics
-Skimpy/Ecchi dressed characters





1. Send a note titled “COMMISSIONS” [If on tumblr send an ask/fanmail starting with “COMMISSIONS”]
2. Send with reference [The more detailed the better]
3. Description of personality [No more than 4 sentences]
4. Send money via Pay Pal to Akira_Neuhaus@yahoo.com [With a message stating your commission purchase]
5. Get confirmed with me and then I’ll start!

Thank you so much for your interest. I’ve never done commissions before but I am currently in a position where I absolutely need to do this. Among the many things you’ll be helping with would be my education, food, and rent. I work rather quick so hopefully the wait on the actual image itself shouldn’t be long. Again I am very grateful for your interest and it is MORE than appreciated!

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I am cleaning out this blog and deleting anything of no importance. All that should be on this blog is inspiration, art, and things for me specifically. I cleaned out quite a bit today, but I will be cleaning out more as I go. Don’t be alarmed if old art gets deleted.

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A gift for my friend, yesette ! I found out it was her birthday and did what I could to draw her something! My mind blanked and I could literally only think of Pikachu. Hope you enjoyed the surprise! :D

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I already made a separate post with a tweet I made regarding the subject, but I wanted to speak about it in further detail.

This morning I was enjoying a cup of hot chocolate at the beach by myself when a man I have never seen before grabbed my head from behind to adjust it so he could observe the tattoos behind my ear and on the back of my neck. I was so terrified I couldn’t even move. When he had the audacity to ask me, “What do the diamonds behind your ear mean?” I flipped. 

"How dare you invade my personal space and touch me without my consent! I should knock your teeth down your throat for that!"

"— but I just wanted to see your tattoos!" 

Unfortunately, things like this are very common in the body modification community. People grab my arms to look at my sleeves or my hands to look at my hand/finger tattoos, some will adjust the top of my shirt to look at my chest piece, a few have lifted up my skirts and dresses to look at the tattoos on my shins and thighs, and one person grabbed the bottom of my lip and pulled it out when they saw I had a tattoo inside my lip.

I hear countless stories like mine on a daily basis. Some include how people will stick their fingers in the lobes of someones ear, how people will touch the piercings on someones face and ask “did it hurt?”, and how people will touch the bodies of others to observe their tattoos. It’s a trend that seriously needs to end.

You shouldn’t touch anyone without their permission, but people seem to think it’s justifiable to touch someone with body modifications because “I just want to see!” Nothing justifies or excuses it. Body modifications doesn’t mean people can touch us without our consent. Please respect the individual spaces of others and knock it off.

  1. A man grabbed my arm and twisted it upside down to pull me into better like to look at my cufflink piercings.
  2. People grab my hair without asking to look at my piercings on my ears.
    (These ones coincide but aren’t just about body modification.)
  3. I have natural sausage curls so people will grab my hair and yank it on a regular basis to see if it’s real or not.
  4. I cut my own bangs so some of my fringe is in my face. I’ve had a lady I didn’t know grab a fistful of my hair, shove it out of my face and shake my head a little. “Maybe if your hair wasn’t in your face, you could fucking see.” (Never mind I was right and she was the one to see.
  5. All of these people apologized when I looked horrified, but they also touched me /more/ when they went to apologize. When invading someone’s personal space and meaning to apologize, do not do more of the thing you are apologizing for.

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More Naoki doodles. His abilities come from his fear of meat, so of course… Thinks are bound to go awful. His skin splits open. Never in nice, pretty slices. It swells to the point that it bursts and rips up, curling away like gently peeled fruit. The more he panics, the closer it gets closer to his face and the putrid scent of meat soaks the air. It invades his nostrils. His mouth. He can taste it… And it’s horrible.

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from an rp

I did this for a drabble


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